Saturday, October 6, 2012



250gms biscuit powder (any preferable biscuit)
a bowl almond and cashew-nut powder
half a bowl condensed milk
25gms coco powder

Other requirements:

a plastic wrap
a roller (the one that is used in making chapatis)
a knife


Get together the biscuit powder, almond and cashew-nut powder and the condensed milk. Knead them together.
Make two equal parts of the dough so obtained.
In one part, add coco powder and mix thoroughly.
Put one of the two equal parts of the dough over the plastic wrap and cover it with the same. Flatten it with the help of the roller.
Repeat the above point with the other part of the dough.
Keep them one over the other and roll them.
Deep freeze the roll for about 30 minutes.
Now, cut the roll into pieces and serve.

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