Thursday, October 25, 2012


Material350 g shredded cheese (four inches long and 1/8 thick pieces), oil.
Filling½ cup green coriander and mango - Dine's hard sauce, ½ cup grounded boiled peas, boiled ½ cup French beans, a quarter cup boiled and mashed grains of corn.
SijningChaat masala ½ teaspoon, spoon Amchur a quarter, a quarter teaspoon white pepper, salt to taste.
GanirshingDisintegrate with salad.

Cheese to four inches long and 1/8 thick Cut into pieces.
Coriander and mango in a bowl - add mint sauce and peas, beans and corn grains stir.
Mix all the spices and fry for Sijning properly.
Put the pieces of cheese with a knife and spice.
Cheese from one end start to roll inward.
Sprinkle cheese roll a little oil and grill for five to ten minutes, gently flip.
Crispy grilled so the cheese until light brown and serve hot with salad disintegrate.

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