Thursday, October 25, 2012



1. Mix in flour Kornflor. Prepare the sugar solution mixed with water.

2. Now peel off banana cut into four parts. Let it fry golden dumplings wrapped in solution.

3. Now for Caramel Sugar and sugar in a pan, add water, keep on low heat. Kulne til then insert it started and runs continuously.

4. Then pour the toffee to play a set. Off the pan from heat immediately placed in ice water, so that the toffee with each other - not glued.


1 banana (sliced ​​into four pieces), 20 g flour, 20 g Kornflor, 2 table spoon sugar, 2 table spoon sesame oil for frying

To Caramel Sugar - 1 cup water, 3 table spoon sugar

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