Thursday, October 25, 2012


Lost grounded in sugar, and ground cardamom Cirunji mix. Bread soaked in milk to spread on a plate. Squeeze the milk out of the bread to go five minutes later. Mix the flour and semolina. Mixture should not be too strict.
Mix small - make small tablets. Each tablet contains the sugar spice stop filling. Syrup of sugar and water by a string keep aside.
Now in hot oil over medium heat until golden brown fried chestnuts and put them in hot sugar syrup. Chestnuts in syrup to soak 2-3 hours. Dumplings are ready. Serve sprinkled on these cutting pistachios.
6 slices bread, 1 t-spoon flour, 1 t-spoon granular semolina, Te 3. Spoon of milk, 1/2 t-spoon cardamom powder, 1 te. Spoon, ground sugar, 1 te. Spoon light roast Lost, 1 t-spoon Cirunji , 1 t-spoon chopped pistachios, refined vegetable oil for frying.

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