Thursday, October 25, 2012


Boil the milk. When the milk boils and then pour the lemon juice. Be undertakes to burst milk. If the cheese or casein does not properly - some lemon juice and pour. Drain it in linen cloth. Binding to the fabric in cold water for ten minutes to keep immersed. Suspend for fifteen minutes. Then squeeze the water to remain in the cheese. Now with casein cocoa in mixer, add sugar and little cardamom powder and grind it very well. Remove from the mixer and place in a frying pan with a heavy bottom. Three - four minutes to dry curd and cook until slightly thickened. To lubricate the nut-growing mold. Almond and white portion cut in half to keep the mold down. Fill the mold and press the curd mixture add almonds. Remove the plate down on service message. Place in the refrigerator before serving.
1 kg milk, juice of 2 lemons, 2 Te. Spoon cocoa powder, 10 Tay. Spoon ground sugar, a small pinch of cardamom powder, some chopped almonds to decorate half.

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