Monday, October 29, 2012



Biscuits: 10 pieces

Milk: 1 cup

sugar(powder):2/3 tsp (according to your taste)

Chocolate powder: 4/6 tsp

Fruit Jam: 5 tsp

dry nuts(small pcs):2 tbs

Butter paper: Small 1


First, turn on your fridge cooling. Now add chocolate powder, sugar, and milk in a bowl and mix  it well. take a biscuit put1 teaspoon jam on it and cover it with another the same with other biscuits.
put butter paper on a dip all the biscuits into the mixture (the mixture should be thick.)and one by one keep them on a butter paper.sprinkle some nuts at the top of these biscuits. Now keep these pie/ Choco inside a deep fridger for (1 hour).. YOUR Choco Biscuits / pie is ready.serve these cool chocopie to your guests.hope they'll love it.

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