Thursday, October 25, 2012


- Remove the peel treat pumpkin seeds. Take then washed and grated.
- Put the pumpkin in the pan, add two teaspoons of ghee. So please keep covered and cook on slow fire. Please run in a while and re-covered. Cook until pumpkin is soft.
- Put the sugar Pakaiye pumpkin are soft. Collect all the water till cooked pumpkin. Note at the bottom of not found the pumpkin between - are running into.
- Take the remaining ghee and fry pumpkin treat well. Roasted pumpkin, sugar, Lost and cashew nuts, and ride until Cirunji Milaiye Pakaiye may not come until the freezing positions. Stop and let the fire was grinding cardamom.
- Smooth plate by putting in a little butter and pour the mixture in the dish and keep freezing and conformable. Please put on fondant pistachios finely shredded. Fiercely pumpkin fondant is ready in an hour.
- Serve your favorite shape and cut the.
One pound of cooked pumpkin, 250 g sugar, 250 grams lost Cirunji 10 grams, 25 chopped cashew pieces, four tablespoons of ghee, cardamom seven short cuts - crushed, 1 te. Spoon finely chopped pistachios

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