Thursday, October 4, 2012


ModakMaterialTwo cups RiceA teaspoon pure GiःBrhavn Kdduks ONLY: coconut (½ cup), the molasses Kdduks (three quarters) and other dry fruits.RecipesWashed rice take a while to dry in a clean cloth. The finer grinding rice flour to prepare. Imen ghee in a pan and boil a cup of water mix. Now add the rice flour in the water. Stir the mixture constantly so after putting Atte, do not lump it. Remove from the pan and the gas to cool for ten to fifteen minutes. And it must offer another pan on low light Kdduks coconut, nuts and cook until light brown, add molasses. Keep from heat to cool off. After cooling the mixture is stuffed into a bike proportions. Take the proportional share Ante woven rice. These Loiyon hands began to extend lubricant filling stuffed in between eight to  ten emphasis Modak size. Take the whole Loiyon cooked in steam. Serve hot.

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